Saturday, July 7, 2012

Blogging...or Not!

I know, I know...I have been slacking lately, especially compared to Michelle and Leila who continue to set the sidesaddle world on fire with their activity.  I must confess, I have not so much as touched a sidesaddle since my last demo in May with Barb except to shove one out of the way during my clearout.  We now have a date to list our current house on the market, and the builder anticipates that we will be able to move into our new place at Woodwind in October, so things are really picking up speed.  Unfortunately, that means a lot of work around the house and very little time for riding and since I had nothing sidesaddlish to report I didn't bother with any posts.  Alas, the timing means I have to sit out Camp Leaping Horn and the Sidesaddle at USET show (this is the 1st time that BHS Photography won't be there) since that is the last week prior to listing the house and we have to have the stager and photographers in.  Total bummer for me, especially since I'd worked out an entertaining freestyle with Owen.

Speaking of Owen, my riding has been limited since me injury last month, so I've been working him in the long reins.  We've made real progress and can now canter down the long side on both reins, tho' I have to stop and puff once we get to the end of the arena.  Even more amazing, we've worked out a full working canter pirouette left, the left canter halfpass, and even a flying change in the long reins!

But I must post something sidesaddle related, and during my clearout I've come across a lot of old photos, including these from the archives.  This series is of me and my arab/welsh pony, Foxy, at my first sidesaddle show.  The little guy (13.3 hh) competed in all three seats against horses and won some good ribbons, even winning one class.  As I recall, Jeannie was at that show, too, riding a mare called Sapphire...or something like that.  These were taken back in the 80's, and I apologize for the quality and the cropping; they are 11 x 14s, and my scanner bed is only 8 x 11.

Western Pleasure

Saddle Seat...that bright pink coat was
quite daring back in those days!

And finally, working hunter, and yes, they
allowed ponies to compete in the working
hunter in this show.Foxy, however, was
the only one that did.

Quite the versatile little guy, eh?  I sure do miss him, and could use another just like him.