Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pneu Year, Pneu Horse...Pneumonitis!

To put everyone's miId at ease, I am the one ill,  not Beamer.  And there's not much in the world as frustrating as having a new horse and being confined to bed.   My only interaction with him has been via Bruce's cellphone.   Still,  he's been far from idle,  and upon their first meeting he and Owen managed to escape in search of the proverbial greener grass.  They did find some slightly more palatable but it being  mid-winter there just isn't much out there.  Still, coming from Oklahoma,  Beamer seems to find our freeze dried dead orchard grass to be just the thing.  Wait until he sees Spring!

I helped Shelley and Jeannie out at the ISSO booth at the Horse World Expo last doubt that's where I picked up my current malaise.   But I came home with more than just a virus  and drove home sitting amongst a sea of pommels and leaping heads. I haven't even had a chance to sit any of the sidesaddles on Beamer yet though I have been planning some new habits.  I see him in a nice dark Brewster green.  Obviously,  he supplies his own bling.  I can't wait to get him into combination ride and drive classes...aside, of course.

But in the meantime I won't be going any where that doesn't have an oxygen canister handy.

Monday, January 21, 2013

And My New Horse Is Where...?

"At some sale barn in Missouri" said the hauler when we finally got him to answer his cell.  Beamer shipped out from Oklahoma on Saturday and was supposed to arrive here today but when we failed to hear from the shipper Bruce and I started to panic.   It seems the original hauler got sick, arranged for a substitute driver who then passed the buck to a buddy of his...all without updating me!

When I tried to contact the original shipper with whom I have a contract his website had been taken down as of this AM..
So where the #=#×/^%& is my horse?  The most recent driver said he was told to leave the horse in Missouri and that was all he could tell us.  Where Beamer is and who is taking care of him heaven only knows (I sure don't), though word is we should expect him some time this week.

I'm headed straight away to my bank to get a refund on my shipping deposit and if Beamer is in any way harmed there WILL be hell to pay.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bounding and Re-Bounding

I'm not sure if Owen has gotten wind of the forth coming changes to the stable line up...or if his new drug regimen is agreeing with him but his old cheeky self is back!  He'd been turning into a reliable hack but since his diet change and Prascend dosing his bounce is back.

Too much so.  When I rode him aside yesterday he bounded forward as soon as I was in the saddle.  He pranced around so much that I couldn't even find my stirrup,  so since it was getting dark I just bailed on it and did without.  He quickly worked up to the tempis, surprising me with a line of 3s, at which I called it quits.  Wish I could say the same about today.  He was expressive enough, but as soon as Savanna drove past to do the barn he lost all focus, food eclipsing flying changes.  He passaged artfully back to the barn and I must say he's looking fitter.

But he won't be happy when he's no longer the only barn cutie.  Beamer ships out on the 19th and arrives about 2 days later.  Beamer, however,  lacks Owen's fabulous sidesaddle grabbing withers.

M I a QT or whut?  Beamer as a baby.