Sidesaddle Sampler

A selection of sidesaddles that I have owned or used, some successfully, some not.  Some have been sold on, hopefully to owners they could better serve.

Chandler western sidesaddle on a Goodnight tree, one of a kind,
made sometime in the 1980s.

Chandler, offside

Close up of offside purse.

Everheart rebuild on an M&M tree.

Tiny offside flap.

Swaine built on a fiberglass tree, probably by Nick Dolan.


Hunter & Owen, 188?, nearside, mostly all original.

Offside showng Y balance assembly and stirrup adjustment.

Fold down leaping head in lowered position.

Steele Equitation Model with adjustable pommels.

Steele Equitation, offside.

Steele English/Western Convertable, shown with
western accessories.

Steele Convertable, offside.

C&W, early 1900s, largely all original.

C&W, offside

My current favorite, a custom Manorgrove, balance strap removed.