Wednesday, May 21, 2014

We're Baaaack!

OK, so long time no hear from.  And you're right, it's been because of a dearth of sidesaddle activity and a lack of any equestrian pursuits, period.  My back never did heal fully from being steamrollered by BMR, and there's been some small matters including a 5 week hospitalization early this year, some legal battles, and a family member who had a stroke and is now on life support.  That brings its own set of hassles which I won't burden you with.

But as I said, I've had zero horse activity for months.  There was one long reining clinic with Christian, but other than that Owen has been standing idle and as for BMR...let's not go there.  But a couple of weeks ago I got a request for a sidesaddle demo at a local horse promotion day.  The idea had been bandied about a month prior, but since I hadn't heard anything further I just assumed it was a no go.  Not quite.  Less than a week before the event I was contacted about it.  First it was a sidesaddle ride, then a request came in for me to ride the dressage trip as well.  Unfortunately my usual partner in crimes against the sidesaddle, Barb Thelan, was unavailable but Jeannie was so we teamed up.

I hadn't ridden all winter, so I thought I had better start.  We managed to get 3 rides in, all aside, before our big day.  I could regale you with the usual tales of Owen and his antics, but you've all heard them before and he wasn't any different this time.  The buck/snorts/plunges that have come to be the standard Owen self were demonstrated.  Then there was the habit problem...there weren't any!  My stuff was still packed from last year and it took a frantic search the night before (why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?) to assemble a turnout.  Owen danced down to the ring heavily lathered and snorting fire after threading his way past a petting zoo, a moon bounce, and about 20 kids on stick horses.  You know, the normal stuff.

I won't get in to too much detail, except to mention that we had some time after our ride so I hopped off, ditched the habit skirt (in front of all those men, too!) and did a quick long lining session.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:

A well deserved roll at the end of the day.