Monday, January 21, 2013

And My New Horse Is Where...?

"At some sale barn in Missouri" said the hauler when we finally got him to answer his cell.  Beamer shipped out from Oklahoma on Saturday and was supposed to arrive here today but when we failed to hear from the shipper Bruce and I started to panic.   It seems the original hauler got sick, arranged for a substitute driver who then passed the buck to a buddy of his...all without updating me!

When I tried to contact the original shipper with whom I have a contract his website had been taken down as of this AM..
So where the #=#×/^%& is my horse?  The most recent driver said he was told to leave the horse in Missouri and that was all he could tell us.  Where Beamer is and who is taking care of him heaven only knows (I sure don't), though word is we should expect him some time this week.

I'm headed straight away to my bank to get a refund on my shipping deposit and if Beamer is in any way harmed there WILL be hell to pay.

Stay tuned.


  1. Cripes! how frightening for you and Beamer, i hope everything is ok. Good luck

  2. How scary. Hope you get him safely and soon.

  3. Oh no!!! I've heard of so many hauling horror stories (and have a few of my own) I'd be so nervous to EVER use a hauling company again!

    Hope Beamer arrives safe & sound sooner than later!

  4. Beamer has finally arrived safe and sound. Also freezing cold. When Kelly loaded him in OKC it was assumed that he was shipping right through and would arrive in Maryland before the cold blast hit. But since he was delayed, the temperature plunged and it was only 10 degrees when he was off loaded...poor guy has no coat to speak of and was shivering like a leaf so we had to wrap him up in two blankets plus a hood.
    Today he gets turned out and gets to meet the others, over the fence of course.

  5. Poor cold Beamer! Glad he got there safe & sound though! Take some pics when he meets his new friends!

  6. Thank goodness he finally arrived!