Tuesday, February 21, 2012

About Helen

Some of you may have seen comments posted on this blog by a lady named Helen, and they have obviously been knowledgeable statements.  Also, some of you have heaped what I consider to be undeserved praise on my exploits and attempts at higher level dressage with Owen.

But if you haven't seen a video of Helen and her TB, Will Powered, ride a dressage test aside you are really missing something.  While I may be messing about with some FEI movements here and there, Helen has really left me in the dust as far as the USDF is concerned, and she deserves recognition.  Last fall she was awarded her silver medal.  I know nothing else about her, where she lives, who she trains with, how long she's been riding aside, etc.  Perhaps she'll fill in the gaps for us.

Here's a link to a lovely 4th level ride aside...so elegant and quietly ridden, which to me is the point of both dressage and riding sidesaddle.


I wish Helen had a training blog; we could all learn from it.


  1. Alright, the gaps- let's see here.

    I'm from Ohio, and currently work as an assistant trainer at a dressage stable in Lebanon, OH. I've been riding aside for 4 years now. I got my first horse 11 years ago to be an eventer, and when the bigger fences worried him, we switched to dressage, and when the flying changes stymied him, we got a side saddle. Of course, shortly after I started riding aside, he figured out the changes (coincidence? I think not...). We also fox hunt occasionally.

    We competed last season at 4th/PSG both aside and astride, and my last test of the season (and my first time aside at PSG) a generous judge awarded us a 65%! I decided not to push my luck and semi-retired my gelding out to an adult amateur while I bring along my young horse.

    I haven't the time or ambition to start my own blog, but I do admit to checking this one daily. :)

  2. Helen - wow! We'd love to meet you! Any chance you could come down for the ISSO weekend in North East, MD on 3/30-4/1? (yes, the town name is North East?