Saturday, February 4, 2012

Nothing Important

We're hoping to have Falcon placed in a new home before too long.  The lady we bought him from has a friend that just adored him when he was still at home in PA.  It might be a good fit, and we are far more concerned about finding him a good home than trying to get any $$$ for him.

But in the mean time, Sis says she knows the horse she wants...and it's Owen!  Take a number.  Perhaps I can build a genetics lab in the basement of the new house and start cloning.  After all, I do have experience in DNA replication, and there are several people who'd like an Owen.  Maybe we can edit out the cribbing problem in Owen.2.0.  But certainly she can take some lessons on him to regain confidence while she looks for the next equine addition.

I found this really cool trailer decal that I must have to trick out Owen's ride...

Here's Owen...

And here's the decal:

What are the odds that I could find a trailer decal that depicts a sidesaddle rider performing piaffe?  Check out her website...she has lots of other cool decals.

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